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Welcome to Veello!

What a great day to launch our biggest project so far! We would like to thank you that you are together with us today. This blog post is a brief introduction to our Veello project, offer, and future plans.

We will be more than happy if you take a moment to let us introduce ourselves 🙂

About Veello

The Veello initiative comes into being mainly because of Veello Theme, which you can read in a few paragraphs below. Veello is a store that offers commercial Contao themes and extensions. They are installable via Composer and, thus, via Contao Manager. It makes our products easy to install, maintain and update in the future. The licensing is also pretty simple – right now, a single license grants you permission to use the product in a single-end project. For example, it can be your personal or commercial project for your client.

Since many of our customers are agencies and freelancers, we also offer quantity discounts for our products. The more licenses you buy, the better price you get! Just to mention, we have some tools to separate products for each of your customers, so you don't have to worry that licenses or products will mix up across your clients.

In fact, Veello is a miniature ecosystem built on top of two websites:

  • – the products store and your control panel to manage licenses;
  • – the detailed documentation of all products.

Please continue reading to discover our complete offer. And please don't forget we offer a 14-day money-back guarantee if you are unsatisfied with our products!

The Veello Theme

The idea of the Veello Theme was born a few years ago. By that time, we were already experienced in creating custom extensions and templates for Contao. Yet still wanted a universal solution to meet the needs of our clients, who wanted an attractive website built in a short time and at a reasonable price.

We had a few attempts at selling Contao premium themes, resulting in over 800+ copies sold of Alpha, Mercury, or ProTheme. Each product had its pros and cons but didn't survive the test of time. However, they gave us a lot of experience and ideas to improve things even more. On top of them, and after years of experience, we decided to build a solution that would be solid, flexible, and future-proof.

Our shiny star, the Veello Theme, is a project that was born in the summer of 2017. The first GIT commit date for 26 June 2017 at 11:25:26! Five long years and over 2450+ commits later, meanwhile changing concepts several times, we are ready to present you our product.

Veello Theme is a powerful website builder that enhances Contao in various ways. It adds a powerful design manager, many handful components, an innovative slider solution, a built-in complete grid system based on Bootstrap, over 65+ new content elements, a style presets manager, and many other new features that bring Contao to a whole new level.

In addition, Veello Theme comes with a set of predefined themes which you can install with a single click! We are kicking off with 10 themes for various industries. Still, we promise to deliver them continuously and according to your needs – we are always open to your ideas!

We invite you to check the Veello Theme product page, which lists the most essential features!

Contao and Isotope extensions

In addition to Veello Theme, we offer a bunch of Contao and Isotope extensions. Most of them you might already know from Codefog Shop: Isotope Stock Management, Isotope Product Rating, or Photo Albums.

Take a look at our Contao extensions and get the one you need!

How to get started?

Naturally, the first thing you have to do is to create an account and buy the products. The purchased products are then available in your user panel on This is your control panel to create and manage the Composer and license keys.

All of the necessary information is included in the documentation:

  1. Install your product
  2. Activate your product
  3. Create a Composer key

We have also prepared some short video tutorials to show you what the whole process looks like:

Product installation & activation
Import an existing theme

To understand things fully, we highly recommend checking our documentation.

About our team

We are a small team of three Contao enthusiasts:

  1. Milosz Bauman – responsible for all the frontend magic.
  2. Kamil Kuzminski – takes care of the backend logic.
  3. Lukasz Manka – lead designer of our store and Contao themes.

Contao crossed our professional and life paths some time ago. Each of us has over 10 years of experience working with our beloved CMS. Now, we want to share all these experiences and new ideas with you. We hope our effort will improve your everyday workflow and allow you to create even better projects.

Future plans

Veello launch is only the beginning of our beautiful journey. We have a lot of plans to improve and develop this project further.

Regarding the Veello Theme itself, we plan to continuously add new themes, so you can easily find a theme for your next projects. The list of new content elements is going to grow, too!

We also want to be active here on our blog. You will find interesting articles not only about Veello but also about different things related to Contao. Remember to subscribe to our newsletter and news feeds so you don't miss the new content!

To fully meet your expectations, we would kindly ask you to share your thoughts on this project:

Request 1
We put a lot of effort into this project, but we know it's not perfect. Your feedback is of great value to us, so if you have some great ideas, please share them with us!

Request 2
We have prepared 10 Contao themes for the start. Each of them is super flexible and can be adjusted to your needs. However, we have some new themes in the queue. Themes for what industries would you like to see in the first place?

Please share your thoughts with us via the contact form or directly at .

Final word

Thank you for going through this essay! We hope you will join our Veello soon and be a part of our community. If you have any questions or ideas, do not hesitate to contact us on our social channels, contact form, or directly at .

Yours faithfully,
Milosz, Kamil, Lukasz.

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