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New video tutorials

Did you know we have a YouTube channel with video tutorials? We publish some useful videos about our products there. In this blog post, we highlight the most recent videos we published.

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How to hide your staging system from the public?

Very often, we stumble upon websites in the development phase that are publicly accessible. In this short blog post, we want to show you the easiest and fastest ways to do that.

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Contao page speed optimization

Page speed optimization is one of the most critical factors in making your website accessible and performant. It will also help you get your website higher in the search results. Learn a few simple tricks how to do it.

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Manage content in Contao faster

Veello Theme provides many new features to enhance the content editing in Contao. However, did you know there already are some tools to boost your productivity? Read this article to discover the best advice for content management in the Contao backend.