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Isotope Last Visited Products extension is a previously missing piece of the Isotope eCommerce system, and it’s both simple to install and use. Your customers will now be able to see the last product(s) they viewed at a glance. This flexible solution enables visitors on your site to quickly link back to your merchandise by adding a displayed history of previously viewed products.

Product list module

The listing frontend module is built on top of the genuine Isotope product list module for easier use, thereby preserving all genuine settings. It is meant to be placed on the product reader page and will display the last visited products, individual for every shop visitor.

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Product details
Languages: English
Version: 2.0.0
PHP 7.4+, 8.0+
Contao 4.13+
Isotope eCommerce 2.7+
php ^7.4 || ^8.0
contao/core-bundle ^4.13
isotope/isotope-core ^2.7
veello/licenser ^1.0