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Isotope Product Rating is a new and versatile extension for the Isotope eCommerce system. Offering seamless installation, this user friendly product will enable your customers to give totally customizable ratings to your goods and services. Based on the popular jQuery Raty plugin, this version gives you a multitude of choices to suit your needs and your taste.

Fully configurable

Isotope Product Rating is a totally flexible solution for your site's needs. The rating settings are split into configuration records, so that different product types can have different rating options or share the same configuration. The ratings can be half or full stars and can be adapted according to your preferences. You can enable half stars for the product's rating but not include half stars in the display of the average ranking, or vice versa.

The rating scale is unlimited. You decide if the consumer will be using 1-5 stars, 1-10 stars, etc. You can assign custom labels to the rating icons as: well; fair; good; excellent; choose the verbiage that best matches your unique style. You even decide whether stars are the icon used at all. You also control the access to the ranking features, giving you the power to let only logged-in visitors participate in rating your wares.

Product comments

In addition to the simple star rating, the extension comes with a possibility to enable comments for the products. This way, your customers can provide even more helpful feedback to your e-commerce shop. The feature comes with some extra configuration options, such as automatic/manual publish settings, and a notification is sent when a comment is added. Furthermore, there is even an option to reply to your customer's comment from the back end!

Last but not least, the comment list and comment form are fully customizable using custom templates which gives you total flexibility in where you put them and how they will look in the end.

Top rated products list

One of the most important features of the product rating itself is the ability to create a product ranking on your website. This is possible with Top rated product list front end module that comes out of the box with the extension. It is fundamentally an enhanced default product list, meaning that it gives you all flexibility you need to create various rankings.

Design features

To allow maximum adaptability, you can choose between classical star icons and retina-friendly star vectors or are able to upload your own custom images to be used as rating icons. The star vectors are also available in a variety of colors, offering you yet another way to tailor the program to the feel of your site.

Customer reviews (2)

Useful plugin, which is pretty to install and makes what it should.
Florian Elischer (SINEOS) 26. January 2021
Isotope Product Rating ist a nice extension. It works right out of the box and with little tweaking in the template you can integrate for your products easily.
André Saage (André Saage IT-Service) 10. December 2019
Product details
Languages: English
Version: 2.0.5
PHP 7.4+, 8.0+
Contao 4.9+
Isotope eCommerce 2.7+
php ^7.4 || ^8.0
contao/core-bundle ^4.9
codefog/contao-haste ^4.25
isotope/isotope-core ^2.7
terminal42/notification_center ^1.0
veello/licenser ^1.0
Included components
jQuery Raty MIT