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Photo Albums

The Photo Album extension for Contao Open Source CMS provides photo album functionality for your website’s photo album(s) by using the outstanding gallery presentation script lightGallery.

The Photo Album extension is easy to install and effortless to use; it’s a flexible solution for all of your photo gallery needs. You’ll be able to create galleries and portfolios and sort them into categories. Viewers will be able to zoom in and also download your images; with more than 30 transition types between images, you have plenty of options for customization. Both Pager and thumbnails are included, cross-browser and fully responsive solution, URL hash change support, autoplay and fullscreen support, and every aspect of this extension is supported by excellent lightGallery script with multiple plugins.

More personalization options

Every album/portfolio can be assigned a teaser with text and a dedicated teaser image. A details page holds your description for the album, and images are manually sortable within each album. The album feature supports single files, folders, or both mixed as image sources. Also provided is support for the image metadata (title and caption).

Flexible frontend modules

The Photo Album extension allows you to choose the desired categories to display in the frontend modules settings. It also allows for a configurable list of enabled gallery plugins, including autoplay, full screen, hash, page, thumbnail, and zoom. You select choose various sort orders and pagination for your images.

Also included are configurable default galleries features like image download, infinite loop, gallery controls, and the images counter. Further adaptability is provided by custom templates for all frontend modules, and you’ll also have support for the Contao responsive images feature.

Selected album as content element

In addition to frontend modules, you can also use a single content element to display a manually selected photo album. This gives you the flexibility to include albums in various parts of your website.

Embed inline gallery

One of the most exciting features is the inline gallery feature, which allows you to embed the gallery directly in the content of your page. Instead of displaying a regular gallery with a lightbox, you can present all the images right away.

Photo watermarks

You can enable the photo watermarking option to protect your images against unauthorized use. It allows you to place a semi-transparent image over every visible photo on your website.

Password-protected albums

A custom password can optionally protect each album. This allows you to create photo albums available only for certain people. A common use case for this feature would be a professional photographer's website, which shares photos with his customer after the photo session.

Multilingual features

Managing a multilingual website? No worries, the photo albums will gently integrate into it. To enable the multilingual support you have to install the DC_Multilingual open source extension by terminal42.

Customer reviews (2)

PHOTO ALBUMS is the most complete contao solution for portfolio websites I know.
Create new pages/collections of photos with a description with ease.
The lightbox in use "lightGallery" is pretty cool. Perfectly for use on mobile devices.

For me this is the fastest way to build up artists / photographer websites.
Martin Schwenzer (derhäuptling) 3. November 2016
If you are using Contao and you are looking for an easy and yet a very flexible way to present your own photos or a professional photographer's portfolio, Photo Albums got you covered! Everything there and great user experience on desktop, tablets or smartphones.
Martin Schaffner (Webcontext) 27. October 2016
Product details
Languages: English
Version: 2.0.2
PHP 7.4+, 8.0+
Contao 4.13+
php ^7.4 || ^8.0
ext-gd *
ext-json *
contao/core-bundle ^4.13
codefog/contao-haste ^5.1
veello/licenser ^1.0
Included components
lightGallery Commercial