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By purchasing the Veello Theme, you will receive a free copy of the Veello Portfolio extension! Each purchased license for Veello Theme gives you the rights to use Veello Portfolio in a single project. Naturally, both extensions integrate seamlessly and are a great combination of tools for your next website.

The Veello Portfolio extension for Contao Open Source CMS is an all-in-one solution for all creative work websites, such as photographers, architects, or designers. It has been created to fill the gap on the Contao extensions market and take off your shoulders the need to adjust the all-purpose News extension.

Easy backend management

Veello Portfolio comes with a comprehensive backend module, which lets you organize the creative work into multiple portfolios and categorize them using the category system. Every portfolio item can contain additional data such as the name, alias, cover and full-size image, custom URL address, and some extra key-value information.

The data structure is similar to the well-known News module, which makes you feel familiar with it from the very beginning.

New frontend modules

The four frontend modules will help you present the portfolio professionally using the masonry view or infinite scroll. You can also add a filter module to the page, which will allow your visitors to filter your work by categories easily.

Portfolio list
This module generates the portfolio list. It can be used in combination with the portfolio filter module.
Portfolio reader
This module generates the portfolio item details.
Portfolio filter
This module generates the portfolio filter based on the categories. It allows to filter the portfolio items in the list.
Portfolio related list
This module generates the related portfolio items. It should be placed on the portfolio reader page.

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Product details
Languages: English
Version: 2.0.0
PHP 8.1+
Contao 5.3+
php ^8.1
ext-json *
contao/core-bundle ^5.3
codefog/contao-haste ^5.1
symfony/filesystem ^5.4 || ^6.0
veello/licenser ^2.0
Included components
Bootstrap MIT
Infinite Scroll by Metafizzy Commercial
Isotope by Metafizzy Commercial