Product Licensing

The comprehensive licensing details are defined in Terms & Conditions document, but we gathered the most important points for you below.

You are allowed to:

  • Use product in a single project

    One license grants you the use of a product in a single project only. You can use the same product in multiple projects, provided you purchased a license for each use. Products can be used in both commercial and non-commercial projects.

    We allow you to have multiple domains for a single license only if you use them for multilingual websites or landing pages strictly connected to the main website. In this case, please contact us, and we will assign the extra domains to your license.

  • Receive free support for 6 months

    By purchasing a license, you are granted the 6-month of free support. You can check the support rules at the bottom of this page.

  • Project using products can be transferred to a client

    If you have created a project for a client, you are allowed to transfer the entire project to the client.

  • Use product after the support period expired

    The license for a product is granted for a lifetime, so you can continue to use the product as long as you like.

You are NOT allowed to:

  • Re-distribute products, even with modifications

    You are not allowed to re-distribute products as stock products, in tools or templates with source files.

  • Use product as a merchandise where the main value is the product itself

    You cannot use the product as a merchandise, where the main value is the product itself. For example, you are not allowed to set up a Contao system with an installed Veello Theme, which main purpose is to allow your users to create websites on their own by paying a recurring subscription.

  • Individual parts of the products cannot be extracted or used separately

    The individual parts of a product cannot be extracted and used separately from the product. Every product may contain components that are licensed under their individual terms.

  • Remove copyright notes or claim ownership of a product

    You are not allowed to remove any copyright notes. You cannot claim ownership of a product, even if it has been modified.

Support Rules

We offer a free 6-month support period for every purchased license. See what's included in the support and what's not.

Support includes:

  • Assistance with product installation

    We highly recommend reading the documentation to get familiar with product installation. If you still have trouble, we will gladly help you to solve the problems.

  • Help with product configuration

    Although we put a lot of effort into creating our documentation, there are still things that may not be clear. We'll be happy to help you with the product configuration.

  • Fixing reported bugs and issues

    If you spot a bug in our products or suspect something doesn't work as expected, do not hesitate to report this to us. We'll take care of the problem as soon as possible.

  • Product compatibility guaranteed

    Our products are compatible with the Contao version defined in the list of dependencies. If something does not work correctly, we will take care of it with the highest priority.

Support does NOT include:

  • Full product installation

    We offer a full product installation as a paid service, which you can purchase alongside the products or separately afterward.

  • Complete product configuration

    If you don't have enough time or feel not confident with configuration of our products, we can do it for you as a paid service.

  • Product customization

    The support service does not include any product customization. You can request modifications and new features at any time, but they will be estimated separately.

  • Help with custom code added on the website

    Please note that any custom or 3rd party code added to the website may conflict with our products. Our support service does not cover the resulting problems.