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White Label Program

Empower Your Agency with Premium Contao CMS Themes

Welcome to our exclusive White Label Program at Veello! We understand the importance of unique branding and seamless integration for digital agencies. That's why we offer an innovative solution that allows you to present premium Contao CMS themes as your own. Elevate your project deliveries with high-quality, customizable templates that blend perfectly with your agency's unique flair.

Showcase Veello Themes as Your Own

Showcase Veello Themes as Your Own

Integrate Seamlessly with Our Customizable Widget

Discover the ease of showcasing a range of premium templates on your website with our specially designed widget. This tool allows you to display an extensive collection of Veello Themes, all under your brand. Our widget operates independently of the veello.com domain, ensuring your clients see these templates as your agency's offerings. Easy to embed and customizable to match your website's design, our widget serves as a bridge between Veello's quality and your brand's identity.

Veello-Free Contao Backend Interface

Veello-Free Contao Backend Interface

Offer a Branded Experience Right from the Backend Panel

In our commitment to providing a fully branded experience, we are working on removing all Veello references from the Contao backend interface. Soon, your clients will interact with features and modules of Veello Themes without any indication of Veello's involvement. This update will further reinforce your agency's autonomy and branding in every project.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the White Label Program?

The White Label Program allows you to showcase Veello Theme demos on your own website as if they were your own creations. These demos come without any reference to Veello, giving you the freedom to present them under your brand. Joining the program provides you with a unique widget code for integration into your site.

Last update on 13. February 2024.

Who is the White Label Program for?

This program is tailored for agencies and freelancers eager to present website demos and possibilities to their clients without direct association with Veello Theme.

Last update on 13. February 2024.

Is there a cost for the White Label Program?

The program is entirely free and available to all registered users at veello.com who join the program.

Last update on 13. February 2024.

What are the benefits of the White Label Program?

We believe this program can boost your sales by simplifying the demonstration of potential website designs to your clients. Using our template demos, you can discuss possible customizations and expectations with your clients more effectively.

Last update on 13. February 2024.

Do you hide the veello.com domain in the widget on my site?

Yes, hiding the veello.com domain in the widget is a key feature. We've ensured the widget is not linked in any way to the veello.com domain or server. The intermediary between veello.com and your domain is cdn51.dev, with concealed domain subscriber data and DNS set to cloudflare.com servers.

Last update on 13. February 2024.

How can I join the White Label Program?

Joining is easy. Simply have an active account on Veello.com. Log in, select White label program from the user panel menu, and click the button. Your unique widget code will be automatically generated.

Last update on 13. February 2024.

Does the White Label Program also apply to the Contao Panel?

Currently, this feature is not available, but we're working on a solution to hide Veello names in the Contao panel and make the template installer and license manager exclusive to certain users.

Last update on 13. February 2024.

Do I need to purchase a template to join the White Label Program?

No. The only requirement is to have a Veello.com user account. You can purchase a template if and when your client commissions a website.

Last update on 13. February 2024.

How do I integrate the White Label widget into my site?

It’s simple. Just paste the generated White Label widget code into your website. No module installation or domain-specific widget registration is required. You can place your unique code on any webpage.

Last update on 13. February 2024.

Can I customize the look of the widget on my site?

Absolutely. Since we don’t use iframes for displaying template demos, you can style the widget elements as if they were part of your site. Detailed instructions for customizing the widget's appearance are available in the user panel.

Last update on 13. February 2024.

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